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Analog/Vector Signal Generators Offer High Performance, Fast Measurement Speeds

The MXG analog and vector signal generators from Agilent Technologies feature an adjacent-channel power ratio performance of -65 dBc (-69 dBc measured) for a four-carrier 3GPP W-CDMA signal and -71 dBc (-76 dBc measured) for a single-carrier signal. This performance allows for greater test margins, ensuring more accurate measurement and improved yield, and makes the MXG signal generators well-suited for characterizing high-dynamic-range components like multi-carrier power amplifiers. The generators also offer the fastest switching speeds available, according to the company. With SCPI programming, the generators can make arbitrary switches in frequency and amplitude in 1.2 ms or less. In list mode, simultaneous switching of frequency, amplitude, and waveforms occurs at 900 ┬Ás or less. The generators comply with the LXI class C specification, the LAN-based modular architecture standard for automated test systems. Connections available on the instruments include 100BaseT LAN, GPIB, and two USB 2.0 ports. The N5181A MXG analog signal generator starts at $6200, and the N5182A vector signal generator starts at $16,000. Both are available now. For more information go to www.agilent.com/find/mxg.

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