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Headphone ASIC Packs Digital ANC

Headphone ASIC Packs Digital ANC

The WM2002 stereo headphone driver takes position as the first digital ambient noise canceling (ANC) application-specific integrated circuit. Via unique feed-forward noise cancellation, the device enables up to 30 dB of peak active ambient noise cancellation. Depending on acoustics, it cancels noise up to 3.5 kHz. Other features include support for analog playback and analog or digital mic inputs, power management via a dc/dc converter, charge pump, and LDO regulators, and a one-time programmable memory, enabled automatically at start-up. The WM2002 is sampling in a 48-pin QFN package. WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS PLC, San Diego, CA. (858) 676-5090.


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