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Triple/Quad Op Amps Deliver Multimedia-Quality Performance

Designed with an advanced BiCMOS process, the TSH93 triple operational amplifier and TSH94 and TSH95 quad op amps deliver very high performance for high-volume consumer multimedia applications. Among the features that make the TSH9x family suitable for demanding video applications are bandwidth of 150 MHz, 0.07° differential phase, 0.03% differential gain, and 0.1-dB maximum gain flatness at 6 MHz. In addition, a noise figure of 4.2 nV/ÖHz, a typical high slew rate of 110V/µs and THD of 0.01% at 1 kHz make the amplifiers equally suited to high-quality audio applications.The TSH94 and TSH95 quad op amps also feature two enable inputs, each of which allows one (TSH94) or two (TSH95) of the amplifiers to be put into a standby mode with low power consumption and high output impedance.


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