Richard Kenner

Co-Founder, AdaCore

Richard Kenner is a co-founder of AdaCore. He was a researcher in the Computer Science Department at New York University from 1975 through 1998. During that time, he worked with the SETL Project, a research project in high-level programming languages; the PUMA Project, which designed and built an emulator for the CDC 6600 in the late 1970s; and for many years with the Ultracomputer Project, which did research on highly parallel computer systems. At Ultra, he worked on hardware design, VLSI design, and compilers. As part of the latter work, he was the maintainer of the GCC compiler (on which the GNAT technology is based) for the Free Software Foundation for the 2.5.x through 2.8.x releases. He published papers both on compiler design and VLSI design of a switching network for Ultra, and was the designer of the interface between the GNAT front end and GCC.

Richard’s Recent activity