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ABI says automotive camera market should top $100 million by 2012

The market for camera-based automotive safety should be “well in excess of $100 million” by 2012, according to a new study by ABI Research.

“Systems that can analyze road situations and provide additional warnings to drivers have started to appear in newer car models, and the camera is at the heart of many of them,” said principal analyst David Alexander. “Keeping cost down is critical to consumer acceptance, and indications are that the newest machine vision technology will make these advanced safety features affordable for all.”

Alexander added, “Having the car look out for other vehicles and track the road ahead is one major area of current development but watching the driver and passengers is another very important camera-based application that is beginning to emerge.” He noted that occupant detection and monitoring allows “smart” automobiles to customize airbag deployment to the size and position of the passengers. “As this technology advances there will be additional safety and comfort capabilities added,” he said.

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