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Atmel offers AVR remote access control solution

Atmel Corporation is offering remote access control (RAC) solutions that include AVR microcontrollers, Smart RF radios and reference software, a combination said to offer more than 10 years of battery life for remote keyless entry and other wireless control applications while leaving the AVR microcontroller available for motor control, lights, relays or other application requirements.

Magnus Pedersen, director of AVR RF marketing, said that an ATtiny45 MCU paired with a T575x PLL transmitter offers a maximum response time of 30 milliseconds in active mode. Security is provided by license-free AES software, which is available in 128-, 192- and 256-bit AES key strengths.

A RAC solution consisting of T575x PLL transmitters and an ATA5743 RF receiver enables operation in the license-free ISM band at 315 MHz (T5753 transmitter) or 434 MHz (T5754). The T5743 supports 315 MHz and 434 MHz communication.

Atmel's STK512 kit contains a unidirectional radio system consisting of a battery-operated transmitter (ATtiny45 + T575x), and a receiver (ATA5743) for mounting on the STK500 AVR starter kit (STK500 is not included). The STK512 starter kit is available in 315 MHz or 434 MHz versions, both of which include fully featured advanced encryption standard (AES) rolling code software.

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