Auto Electronics

DC/AC inverter provides high starting voltage for LCD backlight configurations

A 10 m Class dc/ac inverter from Endicott Research Group is said to offer a high-power, low-profile standard solution for automotive and industrial-grade LCD panels in a variety of operating environments.

The inverters are 4.32” (109.7 mm) long, .525” (13.34 mm) wide and less than 10 mm high. They can be used to power 1 or 2 lamp LCDs with either “U” or “L” shaped lamps. Operating over a -30 ºC to +85 ºC temperature range, the parts are said to provide reliable startup in low temperatures. They provide up to 12 W of output power and up to 2400 Vrms starting voltage, and feature integrated input and output connectors.

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