Auto Electronics

MathWorks Toolbox enables CAN-MATLAB connectivity

The MathWorks introduced Vehicle Network Toolbox, which connects MATLAB directly to a vehicle’s CAN network, thus eliminating the need for additional connectivity tools or time, and creating an environment for streamlining test, verification, and analysis activities.

MATLAB combines data acquisition with design and analysis capabilities, saving time and providing a more efficient workflow, according to Jon Friedman, The MathWorks automotive industry marketing manager. “By enabling access to live vehicle communication data, Vehicle Network Toolbox brings the power of MATLAB to automotive engineers working on simulations, test cells, and prototype vehicles,” he said.

“Automotive designs are complex by nature, and this direct CAN connection is significant in its simplification of test, diagnostics, and design verification.”

Vehicle Network Toolbox is available immediately for the Microsoft Windows platform. U.S. list prices start at $1000. Additional information is available.

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