Auto Electronics

Mobile Functions Directly in the Cockpit

Siemens VDO has developed a so-called media hub that serves as a universal interface between the display and operating system of the vehicle and external infotainment systems. The aim of these developments is to integrate mobile infotainment applications into the display and operating concept in such a way that mobile phone navigation or Internet downloads, for example, can be operated from the steering wheel and the displays in the instrument cluster.

With specially developed software architecture, so-called proxies can be transmitted and implemented in the vehicle. These service programs translate the “language” of the external devices into the “language” of the vehicle and ensure the smooth exchange of information and commands. As soon as the media hub and the mobile telephone or navigation system are logged in and synchronized, the system recognizes the devices and establishes the corresponding connection immediately upon the driver getting in and switching on. In addition to the connection via Bluetooth, USB or other standard hardware interfaces can be networked with the display and operating system of the vehicle.

Because this development has already been proven in telephony, and initial solutions for music streaming are about to be launched onto the market, navigation is now being brought into the cockpit by means of the mobile phone. For example, with the help of the media hub, the destination for mobile route planning can be entered directly from the steering wheel. Similar types of integration are feasible for future applications.

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