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ON Semiconductor adds automotive components

ON Semiconductor has introduced a low dropout linear regulator (NCV8664), a programmable six channel low-side MOSFET pre-driver (NCV7513), and a hex half-bridge driver (NCV7708), all suited for automotive applications.

The firm said the NCV8664 is among the first linear regulators to incorporate reverse battery, short circuit and overload protection with the lowest quiescent current performance specified over a wide automotive temperature range. It targets automotive system power modules that must meet stringent ignition-off current requirements, some less than 100 µA. Power optimization in the NCV8664 enables designers to minimize quiescent current for the regulation portion of the module, allowing higher system level design for CAN or LIN networks (CAN or LIN), microprocessors, and other system overhead.

The NCV8664 is a low drop-out (LDO) regulator with a precision 5 V fixed output and an output current capability of 150 mA. It draws 22 µA typical and 30 µA maximum quiescent current specified from -40 °C to 85 °C. Output voltage is accurate to within ±2.0%. The device is also internally protected against input supply reversal, output overcurrent faults, and excess die temperature.

The NCV7513 joins On Semiconductor’s FLEXMOS family of automotive-grade products for driving logic level MOSFETs. The device is a programmable six channel low-side MOSFET pre-driver designed to control a variety of load types, including engine control, memory seats and LED headlamps. It can be controlled by a combination of serial peripheral interface (SPI) and parallel inputs, and with 3.3 V and 5 V compatible inputs, it can be used with newer microcontrollers. Each of its six channels monitors its external MOSFETs independently for fault conditions. The NCV7513 features programmable fault management modes and allows power-limiting pulse width modulation (PWM) operation, with fault information for each channel captured by fault type.

The NCV7708 is a hex half-bridge driver designed to drive power system motors and loads. It features six independent high side and six independent low side drivers that are also configurable as H-bridge drivers. It is controlled via SPI up to 5 MHz, offers advanced fault reporting and protection features, and is compliant with 5 V and 3.3 V systems.

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