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Episode 13: More Embedded; Touch At SID

TIME: 2:20
Bill Wong On New Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong talks hardware, specifically a new microcontroller from Texas Instruments and two multicore processors, one from Freescale and one from VIA Technologies.

TIME: 13:08
Bill Wong On New Software Development Platforms
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong talks software, specifically two new development tools from Atmel and Microchip.

TIME: 21:40
Stantum Touch Technology Roundtable
Touch is in an evolutionary phase now. Which touch technologies look promising? What’s the next app we can expect? Stantum CEO Robert Pelissier, CTO Pascal Joguet and Marketing Communications Manager Gauthier Chastan engage in a roundtable discussion of touch technology trends at SID Display Week at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

TIME: 26:50
Wrap-Up of SID Display Week Panel Discussion on Touch Technology
Francois Jeanneau, Stantum’s director of sales and business development, participated in a panel discussion entitled ‘Future of Touch’ at SID Display Week at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The panel discussion was co-sponsored by the Society for Information Display and IMS Research. Francois reports on upcoming industry trends and how close we’re getting to being able to replicate pen and paper in a multi-touch technology environment.

TIME: 32:35
Wrap-Up of PCIM Europe
Paul Whytock, Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Design Europe, gives highlights from last week’s power electronics trade show, PCIM Europe.

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