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10-Bit High-Speed ADCs Excel In Demanding Imaging Applications

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Two new 10-bit CMOS a/d converters, the SPT7864 and SPT7866, perform at 40 and 60 Msamples/s, respectively, and are said to be perfect choices for demanding imaging applications such as CCD imaging, video digitizing, and medical imaging. Linearity of the parts is DLE ±0.5 LSB and ILE ±0.6 LSB at full sampling speed. AC performance is 9.5 effective number of bits (ENOB) at an input frequency of 10 MHz.Users can choose between high-accuracy internal or external references. The external reference option is said to provide excellent gain and offset matching when used in multi-channel applications like medical imaging, or in applications where full-scale range adjustment is required, such as in measurement equipment. Both parts have a built-in sleep mode feature, with a typical power dissipation of just 55 mW. Available in a 28-lead SSOP package, the SPT7864 sells for $8.70 each/500 and the SPT866, $11.90. Evaluation boards are also available. SIGNAL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES (SPT), Colorado Springs, CO. 80907. (719) 528-2300.

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