Electronic Design

1/8-Brick Power Converters Supply Up To 30 A

The ERS/ESS series dc-dc converters produce up to 30 A of nominal output at up to 91% efficiency. The 1/8-brick units come in space-saving through-hole and surface-mount styles. Output voltages range from 1 to 12 V for operation with input voltages from 36 to 75 V. With the same pin-out configuration as standard quarter-brick packages, the converters reduce real-estate usage by 40%. They're built on a single board with integrated magnetics using a fully automated process for enhanced reliability. The parts meet the basic insulation requirements of EN60950 and provide on/off control, soft start, and thermal shutdown capabilities. They also feature protection from overcurrent, short-circuit, and output overvoltage conditions. Due to the converters' low power losses, there is no need for an attached heatsink. For design flexibility, the product can be ordered with an optional baseplate to enhance thermal performance in harsh environments. The package measures 2.30 by 0.89 in. with a low height profile of 0.37 in. The 3.3-V, 20-A ERS converter costs $49 each in 1000-unit quantities.

NetPower Technologies
www.netpowercorp.com; (866) NET-POWER

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