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ASIC Technology Streamlines Inductive Proximity Sensors

Created to eventually replace the expensive IC technology traditionally used in the majority of inductive proximity sensors, the company’s pre-programmed ASIC sensor technology promises consistent sensing characteristics and increased durability in smaller, streamlined packages. The first inductive proximity sensors to employ this technology come with 6.5 mm, 8 mm, and 12 mm diameters and body lengths as short as 22 mm. Sensing ranges are 2 mm for the 6.5 mm sensor, 2 mm for the 8 mm sensor, and 4 mm for the 12 mm component. The circuit boards integrated into the sensors are reported as being approximately half the size of the boards used in older sensors. In terms of durability, they require fewer external components and fewer solder points. According to the company, users of the ASIC-based sensors will realize a cost savings of as much as 25% compared to traditional IC sensors. For further information and prices, contact BAUMER ELECTRIC LTD., Southington, CT. (800) 937-9336.


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