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Bus-Switch Family Expanded

Expanding the company's family of undershoot protected bus switches, the FSTD16211 is a 24-bit bus switch with 5V to 3.3V voltage translation. Its sister device, the FSTUD16211, is a 24-bit bus switch with both voltage translation and undershoot hardened circuitry. Both devices feature a 4 ohm switch connection between two ports, low on resistance, a minimum propagation delay between inputs and outputs, and a zero balance flow-through mode. They feature control inputs compatible with TTL levels and a diode-to-Vcc connection, which has been integrated into the circuit to allow level shifting between 5V inputs and 3.3V outputs. It is said that this eliminates the need for one discrete device on the board normally used for this purpose. Available in TSSOPs, both devices are priced at $1.35 each/1,000.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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