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Chip Integrates 15W Offline Power Supply

Designed to simplify offline power supplies up to 15W, the L6590 power-supply chip integrates a 700V power MOSFET switch and all the control circuits needed to build a converter using flyback, boost or forward configurations. The device operates over an input voltage range from 85 to 265 Vac, as well as dc inputs. External oscillator components and a non-dissipative internal startup circuit are eliminated via an on-chip 65-kHz oscillator. A brownout function prevents spurious turn-on at power-down and protects against input-line under-voltage and an error amplifier eliminates the need for an external optocoupler and op amp feedback network. Design support is in the form of an evaluation package, the EVAL6590N, which includes samples, an evaluation board, and software. Price is $0.75 each/25,000.


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