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Class-G Audio Codec Razes Power Consumption

Class-G Audio Codec Razes Power Consumption

Maintaining a 3 mm x 3 mm footprint, the DA7210 Class-G audio codec lays claim to exhibiting the industry’s lowest quiescent headphone playback power consumption at 2.5 mW and a 5 mW operating power under listening conditions. The device employs a true-ground, capacitor-less headphone driver and a programmable filter engine to optimize headphone and speaker response. It also integrates what may be the industry’s first onboard general purpose filter, a configurable signal processing engine that enables fine-tuning and optimization of the output signal for small speakers and enclosures. Other features include a 40-mW output into a 16? load, output signal envelope tracking across multiple pre-defined levels, operation down to 1.8V, stereo playback/record, high SNRs of 100 dB DAC and 95 dB ADC, a 24-bit sample rate up to 96 kHz, an I2C/PCM interface, and differential stereo microphone amplifiers. For more details and pricing, call DIALOG SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (888) 809-3816.
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