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Connectors Account For Board Misalignment

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With a flexible hinge that absorbs board misalignment of up to 1 mm, the Series FJ connectors come in four variations: the Series FJ with pitch of 2 mm and mounting height of 6 mm; the 2.5FJ Series with a pitch of 2.5 mm and mounting height of 6 mm; the 1.25FJ Series with a pitch of 1.25 mm and height of 5 mm; and the 1.5FJ Series with a pitch of 1.5 mm and height of 10.7 mm. The connectors are intended for use in consumer electronics, medical instrumentation, computers and other high-density applications. For the standard Series FJ connector (phosphor-bronze, tin-plated contacts), rating is 1A at 50 vac/vdc with 4 to 14 circuits.

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