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DDR3 Memory Targets Gamers And Workstations

DDR3 Memory Targets Gamers And Workstations

Cosair delivers a range of products from memory to power supplies targeted at the PC community. The Dominator GT is the top of the line DDR3 memory. The Dominator GT DIMMS (Fig. 1) reflect the high performance design with its distintive red cooling fins that implement Cosair's Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) cooling technology.

DHX wraps the chips and circuit board in an aluminum heat spreader (Fig. 2). The heat sinks on top of the spreader are removable if tight quarters warrant. The fins are not needed if liquid cooling is employed.

The Dominator GT with DHX Pro Connector and Airflow II Fan adds a cooling fan (Fig. 3) to the mix. The dual fan clamps to the DIMM sockets and sits above the DIMM's cooling fans allowing it to work with a mix of memory.

This kit is designed for Intel's triple channel, Core i7 Extreme Edition processors like the 3.33 GHz hex Core i7-980X. The 1366 pin packages require high performance motherboards. Overclockers looking for the highest performance will want to keep the processor and memory as cool as possible while bumping up the clock.

The specs for the 240-pin Dominator GT include 9-9-9-24 SPD latency. The PC3-15000 DIMM is rated a 1866Mhz. It is definitely the one for pushing the envelope.

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