Electronic Design

Drop-In Schottkys Double Current Density, Save Space

A novel line of 20- to 80-A Schottky diodes doubles current density compared to competitive or previous-generation solutions. The diodes target output-rectification applications found in telecom systems, notebook-computer power adapters, and printer power supplies. The 80CPQ150, rated for 80 A, can replace two TO-247-packaged devices in parallel or a much larger D61-packaged device. The 60-A 60CTQ150 comes in a TO-220 package and can thus replace a larger device in the TO-247 package. Since notebook computers with advanced features require 18 to 24 V from the power adapter, the 60CTQ150 offers a nonsynchronous alternative for higher-power computer adapters. The diodes can be drop-in replacements for existing designs. For new designs, the Schottky diodes can potentially cut board space in half. The new Schottky diode line is available immediately. Pricing begins at $0.50 each for the 20-A 20CTQ150 in 10,000-unit quantities.

International Rectifier
www.irf.com; (310) 252-7105

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