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DSP Integrates Three 1-GHz Cores

For applications integrating multiple DSPs on a board, the TMS320C6474 DSP integrates three TMS320C64x+ cores running at 1 GHz on a single die, delivering 3 GHz of performance, 24,000 MMACS (16-bit) or 48,000 MMACS (8-bit), while consuming one-third less power over discrete processing solutions. Code compatible with company's single core DSPs based on the C64x+ core, the device includes SmartReflex technologies, which leverage deep sub-micron process geometries to significantly reduce chip-level current leakage. In terms of I/O, the processor includes serializer/deserializer interfaces including an SGMII Ethernet MAC (EMAC), antenna interface, and Serial RapidIO SRIO. Peripheral and processor cores include 32 kB of L1 program and L1 data memory per core, 3 MB of total L2 memory available in two configurations (1 MB/core or a 1.5 MB/1 MB/0.5 MB configuration), and a DDR2 memory interface running at 667 MHz. Available in a 23 mm x 23 mm, 561 BGA package, price for the TMS320C6474 is $261 each/100. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.


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