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Fiber-Optic Panels Provide Backlight With One LED

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Capable of backlighting full-travel computer keyboards and flat-panel, membrane switch overlays, the UniGlo plastic fiber-optic panels perform backlighting using a single 2.1V/30-mA LED as a light source. With a minimum thickness measuring just 0.01'', the components are said to deliver light that is both heat and EMI free and never wear out. For keyboards, the single LED backlights are installed behind the stainless-steel keyboard backer that has a die-cut section behind each key for mounting the keysÕs suspension system. With membrane overlays, they are inserted between the translucent keyboard overlay and the membrane switch. The panels can operate over a -40¡C to 80¡C temperature range and are said to be impervious to moisture. For more details, prices and delivery time, contact POLY-OPTICAL PRODUCTS INC., Irvine, CA. (949) 250-8557.

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