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Fine Solder Tips Simplify Rework On Small Components

Solder rework of miniature electronic components on high-density printed circuit boards is possible using the SMTC and STTC series of Micro Fine Rework Tips. The SMTC-X171 tip works from a topside angle for improved microscope viewing when reworking or removing micro capacitors or oher components. The SMTC-X172 tip is designed for fine drag and point-to-point soldering, allowing lead-to-lead or solder bridge cleanup with easy access between components. The SMTC-X175 has a micro-hoof tip with a small surface area for drag soldering small- and micro-leaded components. METCAL INC., Menlo Park, CA. (650) 325-3291.

Company: METCAL INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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