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FM Remote Control System Taps Code Hopping Protocol

Complying with part 15 of FCC rules, the 102 series encoder transmitters and 008 series decoder receivers are off-the-shelf units that employ the Keeloq code hopping protocol to achieve secure operation. Housed in an ABS enclosure and supplied with a 9V battery, the handheld Keeloq FM encoder transmitter operates at 315 MHz, comes with one, two or four switches, expandable to 15, and can be board-level programmed with a manufacturer's ID code. Other encoder features include LED indication of transmission and a power-saving auto-shut-off feature. Price of a 1-switch, 315-MHz transmitter is $39.95 each/100. The 008 series decoders can work with up to 50 transmitter encoders, configurable using an "easy learn" feature and memorized even if the power to the decoder is disconnected. The unit can be powered by either a 12V or 24V supply and features four 1A at 50 Vdc rated relay outputs that can be set up to be either momen- tary or latching. Maximum operating range for the decoder is 300' to 1,200'. Price is $69.80 each/100. The company also plans to introduce an AM version of the remote control system, For more details, call Sean Bailey at OKW ELECTRONICS, Bridgeville, PA. (800) 965-9872.


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