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Inverter Platform Can Power Up To 10 Large Backlit Displays

Capable of powering as many as 10 CCFTs, the MC inverter is designed to work with large, high-power, multi-CCFT LCD backlighting applications, such as flat panel displays. The inverter is of an open-frame design, with on-board transformers that are fully encapsulated. It's offered with multiple dimming options and in a variety of package configurations.The initial MC inverter is tailored to provide power to existing large LCDs and backlit display assemblies.The inverter complements the firm's MT, which is an encapsulated inverter that, in the IB Series "plug-and-play" solution, sits on a pc board containing two mating output connectors, optional on-board dimming circuitry and a right-angle header. The MC inverter is part of a "plug-and-play" solution offers the same functions, size and height as the IB Series, but at a reduced cost.

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