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Low-Profile CompactPCI Backplanes Save A Single Slot-Size Width

The standard 6U low-profile CompactPCI backplane series features six/32 threaded power studs placed between the slots to save space. As a result, the four-slot low-profile CompactPCI can fit within a 2U horizontal chassis, and an eight-slot can fit within a 4U horizontal chassis. The series is available in two- and three-slot versions in a 7U height. The extra 1U of board space creates more room for power bugs, faston blades, and headers. The 6U height versions are available in four-, six-, and eight-slot sizes. All 6U low-profile units comply with PICMG 2.16. Pricing for the series starts at under $250, with a two- to four-week lead time.

Bustronic Corp.
www.bustronic.com; (510) 490-7388

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