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Miniature SMT Inductor Family Boasts 18 Members

The SMI-4 series of miniature, surface-mount inductors consists of 18 parts spanning inductance values of from 10 µH at 3.63A to 820 µH at 0.38A. The series targets high-frequency switchmode and RF applications at various currents. Tolerance is 20% for 10 mH to 47 mH parts and 10% for 56 mH to 820 mH parts. A typical member of the series measures 0.390'' x 0.354'' x 0.213'' high. With pads solder masked to the core, the inductors can be IR or vapor phase soldered directly to the pc board. Pricing in production quantities is $0.82 each. PREM MAGNETICS INC., McHenry, IL. (815) 385-2700.


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