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Modular Cable Assemblies Simplify Panel Mounting Of LEDs

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Multiple pre-wired, solderless LED interconnects are available harnessed together to form modular cable assemblies specifically for panel mounting of LEDs and for providing connections to pc boards or other power sources. The harness systems use 3- or 5-mm connectors and sockets to permit easy insertion and removal of the LED leads. The interconnects use three-finger terminals for mating with 0.017" round to 0.025" square leads. The terminal, connector and LED lense system is said to have been tested to withstand 6G of shock at a vibration frequency of 2000 Hz. Standard LED cables bundled into harnesses are available with a variety of different power source terminations, and single row positive locking connectors, dual row header connectors, and ring or spade type terminals are also available for changing standard cables into custom harness systems. The modular panel and header housings are designed to permit easy, solderless, plug-in connections of panel mounted LEDs to pc boards. Wires are available in 4", 6", 8", 12", 18" and 24" lengths.

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