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Packaging & Interconnects: SOIC Adapters Bring Cost-Effective Upgrades To Older Relays

The devices in a new series of small-outline IC (SOIC) adapters quickly and cost-effectively upgrade older Aromat HB2E surface-mount TXSS relays while keeping the same pc-board layout. Available on 0.300-in. (7.62-mm) dual-inline package centers, they can be mounted on pc boards with a hole diameter of 0.028 in. ±0.003 in. (0.71 mm ±0.08 mm). Available with eight leads, the adapters consist of 0.062-in. (1.57-mm) FR-4 with 1 oz. of copper traces on both sides. Pins are 1/2 hard brass alloy, and pin plating is 200-µm minimum tin/lead. The adapters cost $5.40 each in 1000-unit lots and are available from stock.

Aries Electronics
(908) 996-6841

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