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Power Management IC Offers Touch-Screen Control

Touch-screen control is offered by the USAR Juno series of input device and power management companion ICs for RISC-based portable systems. On a single IC, the Juno 04 integrates control for a 4- or 8-wire resistive touch-screen, keyboard scanning and power management capabilities, PS/2 ports for the connection of external input devices, and general-purpose I/O. With typical power consumption of less than 1 µA, the Zero-Power Juno 04 provides a power management capability that is designed to work in harmony with the power management modes of Windows CE and other operating systems. Capable of Any-Key-Wakeup, the chip will power-down even between key presses. It can power-down even when PS/2 devices are connected and active. The device is equipped with the firm's proprietary protocol developed specifically for RISC-based handheld machines. Continuous operation is provided between 3V and 5V. Pricing is less than $6.00 each in OEM quantities.

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