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Probe Analyzes PC100/133 DIMMs

A new analysis tool for PC memory bus developers, the FS2321 PC100/133 DIMM Analysis Probe provides a high-quality connection from an Agilent logic analyzer to the dual inline memory module (DIMM) bus on a PC motherboard. Although users can conduct state analysis measurements on the DIMM bus at the full speed of 133 MHz, the FS2321 is also backward compatible with DIMM buses operating at a lower frequency. The probe's inverse assembler software executes in the Agilent logic analyzer, decodes the key DIMM bus signals, and displays the various bus transactions in real time. The software also supports user-defined symbols that can be easily added to the state listing display. The probe captures data in systems using both registered and un-buffered DIMMs. In state analysis mode, the analyzer master clock is derived from the DIMM master clock. The FS2321 also allows the user to perform memory system performance analysis using the Agilent System Performance Analysis software. Price: $3,000.


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