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Probe Stations Set Standard For 300-mm Wafer Probing

Emerging as the next step in 300-mm wafer probe stations, the Elite 300 adds critical measurement capabilities for probing at 45 nm and below. Target applications include RF/DC device characterization and modeling, wafer-level reliability, IC failure analysis, and design debug. Accommodating 45-nm probing, the station lays claim to providing the lowest noise environment via proprietary noise-reduction technology that enables up to 10 times lower spectral noise and four times better ac noise. Architectural upgrades to the system offer better stepping accuracy, ensure flatness and planarity, and prevent probe needle shifting. Software automatically tracks wafer movement and an upward-looking camera system is on board for advanced vertical probe cards. The Elite 300 also boasts of the industry’s widest standard temperature range from -60°C to +300°C plus a +400°C thermal chuck option. Additionally, it promises easy setup and accurate, repeatable results for large- and small-area multi-site test configurations. Depending on model and configuration, pricing ranges from $80,000 to $400,000. CASCADE MICROTECH INC., Beaverton, OR. (800) 550-3279.


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