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Programmable VRM Delivers 13A

For power-regulation applications using microprocessors, DSPs and bus drivers, the PTK6700 series non-isolated, voltage regulation modules (VRMs) can deliver up to 45W/13A without the aid of a heatsink. On-board heat-exchanger technology permits the VRMs to operate over a -40¡C to 70¡C temperature range without forced-air cooling or power derating.The modules accept inputs of 3.3, 5 or 12 Vdc and provide single outputs that are five-bit digitally programmed from 1.3 to 3,5 Vdc. Settling times are 70 µs with less than 100 mV of under/over shoot. And all models in the series provide short-circuit protection and a remote-sense power-good indication signal. Available in industry-standard SIPs, prices start at $8 each in OEM quantities. For more details, call Paul Charrette at ASTRODYNE, Taunton, MA. (508) 823-8080.


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