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Quad-DSP Board Combines PMC And VIM I/O

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Introduced as the industry's first 6U VME board based on TI's TMS320C6203 DSP, the Model 4292 quad-DSP board combines the Velocity Interface Mezzanine (VIM) architecture with the PCI mezzanine card and a board-support package with high-level function calls. The board features 896 KB of on-chip SRAM, 512 KB for data and 384 KB for programming, eliminating the need for external memory access. All four 'C6203s are joined by a ring of four additional Bi-FIFOs, supporting bidirectional interprocessor communication at rates up to 300 MB/s. A third set of four Bi-FIFOs buffer data between each DSP and a PMC module, the VME interface, and 256 MB of global SDRAM. Pricing starts at $9,995 with delivery times of 12 to 16 weeks ARO.

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