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Small 486/586 SBC Packs Wealth Of Features

Measuring 5” x 5”, the SBC0489 486/586-based single-board computer provides a myriad of features. In addition to all standard PC functions such as SVGA and disk controllers, the board includes digital I/O, a/d and d/a converters, and Ethernet support for both 10 Base-T and 100 Base-T. It supports 64 MB of RAM, up to 128 MB of flash memory, and can run applications in modes ranging from completely headless and diskless to full, disk-based GUI systems. Booting from DOS, LINUX, Windows CE, and other PC-compatible operating systems, the board employs an STPC Atlas processor that operates at speeds from 66 to 133 MHz. The processor provides on-chip cache, 64-bit DRAM access, hardware floating point and AT-compatible interrupt, a timer, and DMA controllers. Single-quantity price starts at $595. Micro/sys Inc., Montrose, CA. (818) 244-4600.


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