Electronic Design

Starter Kit Supports STmicro’s STM32 F-2 MCUs

Supporting STMicroelectronics’ ARM Cortex-M3 STM32 F-2 series MCUs, the KickStart Kit for the STM32F207 contains all necessary hardware and software for design, integration, and test of software apps. It includes an evaluation board, software, a debug probe, example projects, and board support packages for several real-time operating systems. The evaluation board packs an STM32F207ZG, color LCD, USB connectors, USB OTG, Ethernet and CAN, and headphone jack. Debug connectors for ETM trace, SWD, and JTAG are also on board. The J-Link Lite debug probe provides JTAG and SWD debug interfaces. Price for the STM32F207 KickStart Kit is $289. IAR SYSTEMS SOFTWARE INC., Marlborough, MA. (508) 281-6680.

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