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Surface-Mount LEDs Boast Of A Gaggle Of Design Variations

A new line of surface-mount device LEDs has been designed to fit a variety of design needs. Popular design configurations include industry standard 1206, 0805 and 0603 footprint sizes. The L-110 series can be mounted at a right-angle, the L-193 series has a reverse-mount design, and the L-650 series is a dome-lens LED. Right-angle-mount LEDs are useful for designers looking to channel the light output off to the side, as in an edge-lighting LED designs. Reverse-mount LEDs give the user a low-profile design, since the LED can be mounted on the bottom side of the pc board. This may be useful in the backlighting of certain pushbuttons or other devices where clearance becomes an issue. The dome-lens LED draws its strength from using a special rounded surface lens, as well as from using cutting edge die materials, resulting in a high-brightness LED in the newest colors of super blue, super green and white. AZ DISPLAYS INC., Aliso Viejo, CA. (949) 360-5830.


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