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Test & Measurement: Low-Cost Data-Acquistion Board Doesn't Skimp On Performance

Saving cost is a key benefit of the PCI-DAS6052 16-bit analog input (16 single-ended and eight differential channels) data-acquisition board, which costs $1295. Any input channel samples up to 333,000 samples/s. The board offers dual 16-bit analog outputs with a 333-kHz/channel maximum update rate. Included are eight bidirectional digital I/O lines and two 16-bit counter/timers. LabView, SoftWIRE, Agilent VEE, and Matlab environments fully support it. Users may program the board in Visual Basic, C#, C++, or any other popular language. They also may use the company's Universal Library for programming. The DAS6052 is available from stock.

Measurement Computing Corp.
www.measurementcomputing.com; (508) 946-5100

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