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Communications: Phase-Locked-Loop Hard Macros Shed 2/3 Of Their Required Area

Hard macros for phase-locked loops (PLLs) are now available as intellectual property (IP). The PLL IP macros take up typically about one-third the physical area of the company's standard PLL products without sacrificing any performance. The macros occupy just 0.07 mm2 when implemented in 130-nm design rules. This area includes the dividers and other digital support logic, supply bypass capacitors, and block isolation. Each PLL includes the company's LockNow! technology, which can significantly boost lock times. The hard macros are available for a per-use license fee with no royalty fees. Deliverables include GDSII and LVS Spice netlists, behavioral and synthesis models, library exchange format files, and full documentation.

True Circuits Inc.

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