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Datacomm IC Integrates Three Channelized DS3 Framers

The newest member of the TimeStream family, the VSC9675, packs on-chip three fully integrated DS3 framers, M13 multiplexers and 84 T1/J1 framers. Designed for high channelization, high density points in access and switching infrastructures, such as access concentrators, routers and switches, the IC supports a combination of both channelized and unchannelized DS3 signals. The supported channelized formats include M23 and C-bit mode. Supported T1/J1 formats include SF and ESF. Additional features include standards-based performance monitoring and diagnostic features such as network and local loopback. The VSC9675 also furnishes the system designer with a choice of several system interfaces. One interface facilitates connection to a 2/4/8-MHz TDM backplane utilizing a slip buffer per T1/J1 channel. A second interface delivers a seamless connection to the VSC9680, which is a 2,048-channel controller for HDLC and ATM cell delineation. And the CPU interface connects to common 8-, 16-, or 32-bit microprocessors. The VSC9675 is available with one, two or three channelized DS3 framers and is priced at $175, $263 and $354, respectively, in quantities of 10,000. All three versions are packaged in a 304-pin HBGA with power dissipation of 1.0W, 1.5W and 2.0W, respectively.


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