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SLIC Chip Reduces Power Consumption By 35%

Claimed as the first subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) chip to operate at 3.3V, the L9215 reduces power consumption by a reported 35% compared with the nearest competing 5-V SLICs. The chip's low power consumption increases battery life and reduces telephone service providers' power supply costs by 50 cents to as much as $5 by eliminating the 5-V power supply. When used with a companion codec chip, the T8537, the SLIC reduces the number of components typically needed to interface a SLIC by up to 90%. The SLIC provides the power and the ringing signals to the codec, where the signals are converted from analog to digital and visa versa. The SLIC chip is targeted for use by telephone companies in short-distance subscriber loops. The chip is housed in a 32-pin PLCC.

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