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U.S. Navy Contracts Pedigree For Wireless Network

U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) contracted sensor network systems provider Pedigree Technologies to set up its intelligent wireless operating network. Under the $8.4 million contract, Pedigree will integrate their end-to-end network solutions with electro-optical radio frequency, acoustic sensors, and UAV technologies for remote wireless security and unmanned surveillance applications. The solutions will be used for unmanned conflict zones, infrastructure protection, reconnaissance, perimeter monitoring and improved intelligence gathering. Pedigree will also employ a wireless platform that provides centralized communication from remote sites via a single unified wireless system. That system includes Pedigree’s iRamp wireless gateway and bridge products and its Lineage System Network and Portal Software. “Our technology dramatically reduces the deployment, integration, management and infrastructure costs associated with wireless technologies," Alex Warner, president and founder of Pedigree, said in a statement. "This system gives NAVAIR the freedom to use one system flexible enough to integrate with a number of wireless technologies needed for surveillance and security applications." The contract is expected to spark interest in a wireless development hub located at North Dakota State University Research and Technology Park.

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