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Acrylics Enter North American Markets

The company is introducing its waterborne acrylic products, Bayhydrol AH XP 2741 dispersion and Bayhydrol AH XP 2754 dispersion, to the North American market. Solvent-free Bayhydrol AH XP 2741 dispersion formulates environmentally friendly, one-component coatings for indoor wood construction as well as for furniture. The Bayhydrol AH XP 2754 dispersion can be used to formulate one-component, clear and pigmented lacquers for single-layer coatings and topcoats. Formulations based on this technology exhibit reliable chemical resistance and high hardness. This dispersion is especially well-suited for plastic coatings applications in consumer electronics and other markets. For more details, call Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh, PA. (800) 662-2927.


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