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Air Velocity Sensor Seeks Embedded Apps

Air Velocity Sensor Seeks Embedded Apps

The AccuSense F333, an air-velocity sensor for embedded applications, employs a constant deltaT architecture to provide measurements within a 0.2 m/s to 10 m/s (40 to 2,000 fpm) range while maintaining a better than ±10% accuracy across a temperature range of +15°C to +60°C with a 2% or better repeatability of reading. The component provides a user-configurable linear voltage output ranging from 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V.  A dedicated open drain alarm pin is available with fully configurable temperature-based or velocity-based set points. Other features of the AccuSense F333 include a UART or I2C interface. Samples are available for $85 each. DEGREE CONTROLS INC., Milford, NH. (877) 334-7332.


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