Automotive Inductor Offers Continuous Temp Operation To 180°C

Automotive Inductor Offers Continuous Temp Operation To 180°C

Developed for automotive applications, Vishay Intertechnology’s latest IHLP high-current inductor delivers a continuous operating temperature ranging from ‒55 to +180°C. The RoHS-compliant Vishay Dale IHLP-2525CZ-8A, packaged in the 3.0-mm-high 2525 case size, features inductance values ranging from 0.47 to 22 µH. It handles high transient current spikes without hard saturation. Typical dc resistance ranges from 3.87 to 163.0 mΩ (4.14 to 173.0 mΩ max). With a frequency range up to 1 MHz, the AEC-Q200-qualified device will find homes in voltage regulator modules and dc-dc converters used in high-temperature automotive applications. End products include engine and transmission control units, diesel injection drivers, entertainment and navigation systems, noise suppression for motors, windshield wipers, and high-intensity discharge (HID) and LED lighting, among others.


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