Electronic Design

High-Frequency Clock Timer Has ±25-ppm Stability, 5-ps RMS Jitter

The F1100CS high-frequency data-clock series is intended for tight-stability, low-jitter applications. Models in the series come in a surface-mount package. They feature a total ±25-ppm stability, with ±20 ppm available. A hermetically sealed crystal provides predictable long-term aging and reliability. Typical jitter is 5 ps rms at 100 MHz. Tri-state output and Gen II IC, an advanced CMOS technology, are included. Models in the series are available in frequencies ranging from 65 to 105 MHz, along with duty cycles of 45% and 55%. According to its manufacturer, the F1100CS is ideal for phase-locked loops, clock recovery, reference-signal tracking, and synthesizers. Available immediately, pricing starts at $15.00 each for 1000-unit quantities.

Champion Technologies Inc., 2553 Edgington St., Franklin Park, IL 60131; (800) 888-1499; www.champtech.com.

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