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Latest Components from Knowles Target EVs, 5G

Innovative automotive capacitors and thin-film filters for next-generation communications highlight Knowles' products on display at electronica 2016.

Going beyond the catalog: Knowles Capacitors will unveil a range of capacitor-related products at electronica 2016 that meets the greater demands placed on automotive electronic components, particularly those for electric vehicles (EVs). In addition, the company also will display new thin-film devices intended for 5G mobile-communications applications.

Three specific automotive products will get the spotlight: 250-V ac Safety Certified capacitors, high-temperature (up to 150°C) X8R capacitors, and surface-mount EMI feedthrough filters. All integrate Knowles’ FlexiCap flexible termination to reduce mechanical-cracking risks.

The Safety Certified capacitors, developed by Syfer (Syfer Technology falls under the Knowles Capacitors umbrella), meet Class Y2/X1, X1, and X2 requirements (see figure). Offering very high capacitance values in certain case sizes, they provide an alternative to leaded-film types, helping reduce board space and overall profile. The Syfer high-temperature X8R series features a specially formulated termination that bolsters performance in harsh environments. Operating temperature ranges from –55 to +150°C with a maximum capacitance change of ±15%, without applied voltage.

And, according to Knowles, the Syfer three-terminal E01 and E07 feedthrough MLCC chip “C” filters reduce inductance when used in signal-line filtering when compared to conventional MLCCs. Current ratings are 300 mA, 1 A, 2 A, and 3A; voltage ratings range from 25 to 200 V dc.

On the 5G front, DLI-branded (DLI, or Dielectric Laboratories, also falls under the Knowles Capacitors umbrella) thin-film devices combine surface-mount devices—e.g., bandpass, low-pass, and high-pass filters—together with power dividers and couplers. The microwave products integrate the company’s ceramic expertise and thin-film manufacturing, leading to high-permittivity and temperature-stable dielectric materials that can be designed smaller and with higher-selectivity in filtering applications.

KNOWLES CAPACITORS, www.knowlescapacitors.com, Hall B6, Stand 336

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