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LVDT Position Sensors Operate In Tight Spaces

The CD 375 series of miniature linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) sensors targets linear position measurement in OEM and end-user applications with tight space restrictions. The ac-operated units have a compact 3/8-in. diameter. Available in full-scale measurement ranges from ±0.025 to ±2.0 in., the LVDTs offer a 50% larger core-to-bore clearance (0.012 in.) than similar-sized competitive units. They're environmentally robust thanks to stainless steel housings and epoxy encapsulation. With IEC standard IP-61-rated external sealing, the CD 375 sensors operate in temperature extremes from −55°C to 105°C. Available options include Teflon bore liners and metric threaded cores. The CD 375 LVDTs cost between $101 and $391 each, based on range.

Macro Sensors
www.macrosensors.com; (856) 662-8000

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