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LWIR Bandpass Filters Are Highly Durable

LWIR Bandpass Filters Are Highly Durable

The company’s long wavelength infrared (LWIR) bandpass filters are said to offer superior operation at any temperature between ambient and 10°K.  The thin film coatings are manufactured using a proprietary physical vapor deposition with the ion-assist process. They are suitable for use in imaging sensor filters, order-sorting filters, thermal and/or night vision tasks, and FLIR optics.  Additionally, a variety of substrates including germanium, silicon, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, quartz, sapphire, and polymers are available, depending on the user’s wavelength requirements. Multispectral filters can also be provided when multiple filters are needed on a single substrate as well as various sizes from a few millimeters to over two inches diameter. DEPOSITION SCIENCES INC., Santa Rosa, CA. (866) 433-7724.


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