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Micro-Cable Assemblies Boast Low Attenuation

Designed to meet next-generation radio requirements, the new SureFlex Micro-Cable Assemblies are said to provide the lowest attenuation of any flexible coaxial cable with the same bend radius. The assemblies are constructed with HELIAX Micro-Cable, claimed to be the world's smallest continuous run corrugated RF cable. This cable is hand conformable, holding its shape and performance after repeated bending.
These small-diameter cable assemblies—3.6 mm and 5.7 mm—are well suited for in-cabinet jumper applications for next-generation wireless and broadband systems and technologies such as EDGE, WCDMA, and CDMA2000.
For improved RF shielding, the assemblies utilize a corrugated solid copper outer conductor and are manufactured using the company's SureFlex connector attachment process. This process features soldered inner and outer conductors for electrical stability and to prevent water ingress.


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